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12 Zodiac & Goddess Archetypes

March 2022


A journey to wholeness.


Each of the Zodiac signs, from Aries to Pisces, carries archetypal energy that is present within each one of us, some more strongly than others, and yet equally dynamic and powerful.


All of these twelve Zodiac and Goddess archetypes can be expressed in many different ways and in different areas of our lives.


To know, understand and feel the energy of each of these 12 archetypes......which are prominent, familiar and comfortable within ourselves.......or which are not so comfortable and may provide us with challenges.....can bring much personal growth, create a sense of empowerment and provide greater insight into our instinctive, often reactive behaviours and motivations.


This extensive 12 month pathway will guide you as you walk through the Zodiac and Goddess Archetypes, from Aries to Pisces, and personally experience how they are uniquely expressed through their placements in your personal Natal Chart.  


The journey begins with a 3 day retreat as we celebrate the Equinox and the beginning of a new zodiacal year, welcoming the ingress of the Sun into Aries and take the first steps on the pathway in an exploration of the new season and the "I Am" principle of Aries, the warrior archetype. 


During these 3 days there will be many opportunities for to you to explore and come to better understand your Natal chart and how it provides your blueprint for this lifetime experience and the key to your Souls Evolutionary intention.


This will be a retreat not to miss!! Your comfort and pleasure will be our absolute priority!!

We promise you surprises, goodies and gifts and fun times too!!


There will be spaces for personal meditation and reflection, quiet walks in nature, a nurturing massage, as well as group sessions, interactive sessions and sharing. 


Continuing the journey over the next 10 months with a monthly online group zoom session, you will personally walk with the specific archetype of that time and come to a deeper understanding of how and where this plays out for you, how it contributes to your individual experience through each of the 12 Temples of the Wheel of Life.

You will receive a feast of sensual delights to enhance and support you for your new experience each month. 


The last month of the journey we will gather together for another 3 day retreat....YES, TIME TO BE SPOILED AND NURTURED bring the years journey to completion.


We will close during the collective Piscean time, the energy of oneness, as we share the path each has walked and celebrate the wholeness of all who walked with us. 

A journey of transformation and empowerment!!