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A reading is an extremely insightful and empowering experience, offering an opportunity for you to understand yourself and your purpose, to provide you with the possibility of making conscious choices and thereby living your life with authenticity, freedom and joy.

Dorothy offers personal readings and Soul Coaching one to one and on Zoom.

All sessions are recorded and sent by email as an MP3 recording following the session.

It is highly recommended that a Birth Chart Interpretation is the first and most beneficial Reading to facilitate your journey to personal empowerment. 



This is a 2 hour session, exploring your Natal Chart and all it contains, your skills, gifts & talents, your potential, your challenges, and what your path is for this lifetime experience. We look at how you may live your life authentically, as a true expression of the unique individual that you are, thus bringing more consciousness to the choices you make that can bring more freedom and joy into your life. - $275



This is a 60 - 75 minute session, looking at the timing of current planetary events and cycles, and using various other techniques to understand how the present energies are influencing your chart and your life at this time, and what this means in relation to your evolvement and Soul development. - $195



This is a 2 hour session, combining the Birth Chart with an overview of the current yearly cycles and events. - $350.



This is a 150 minute session exploring the relationship between 2 people and their charts. What does each person bring to the relationship and how can they offer support and future growth? What are the gifts and potentials of the relationship? What are the challenges within the relationship? Permission is required from both persons to have a synastry reading. - $395



Please contact Dorothy. 

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Words from clients

My first astrology reading with Dorothy was so beneficial during massive changes in my life in all areas - personal, professional, family most of which brought me deep grief and opportunities for great transformation. 

I received tools from Dorothy that I could apply in the coming months to assist me in the best plan of action or non- action often but to wait until certain times and things would start to unfold and that is exactly what happened. It gave me the capacity to understand that things were happening according to my destiny and that calmed me a lot.                                                                                


Being so grateful for her reading, the next year I then booked a synergy reading with my partner and this helped to bring us back together and greater understanding our of needs, our differences and the deep soul connection we have. According to the stars, it was all written there that enabled us to take a huge leap into the unknown and built deeper foundations to support our spiritual development that was what was next in our growth together.


Now, I have gifted my daughter a birthday present of an astrology transit reading with Dorothy. She is a true and talented mentor and I can highly recommend her. 

Lehone from the USA


It was at a cross road moment in my life, that I decided to contact Dorothy after being recommended by a close friend.
Dorothy brought so much more than I could have imagined. 
She was generous in her spirit and sharing of insights and aspects related to my astrological chart and offering follow up if needed.
Her manner and expression in the audio she provided, was easy to follow, understand and it felt very aligned.
My subsequent astrology readings at critical times, once again brought just what I needed to support me.
Each time, I have been absolutely amazed at the accuracy and detail she gave in relation to what was happening in my life.
It has helped me to confirm my soul path.
A true comfort.
Dorothy is professional with her services and very personal with her approach- showing genuine ability to feel and connect on a deeper level.
She is someone I trust and I will continue to draw upon for her astrology readings in the future.

Tricia LaBella