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    Foundation Course


 Foundation Course – 100 hours


The Foundation Course is the first step towards learning Astrology.

It consists of 4 Levels (each  25 hours) and introduces the basic concepts of the Natal Chart, Modalities & Elements, the 12 Signs, the 12 Houses, 10 Planets and the aspects (the interactive energies between the planets).


Each level helps you to build a strong foundation and understanding of how Astrology can bring insight into your life, assist you towards self-awareness, and the evolutionary process your

Soul has chosen for this lifetime.

This creates more freedom to make better choices for yourself and to live your life with

acceptance and a greater sense of direction and purpose.


By the end of the Foundation Course you will be able to confidently interpret the basic concepts of the Natal Chart.

On completion of all 4 Levels, home studies and assessment you will receive a

Foundation Course Certificate of Completion.


It is expected that all 4 Levels will be completed within a period of no longer than 3 years.

This is the first level towards the Certificate of Evolutionary Astrology.


The Foundation course is offered both In-person and as an experiential Online Course.

Course Fee: $3000 - 10% Discount if paid in full.

Each Level $750.



In-person Experiential Course

This course is held over 4 by 4-day experiential in-person sessions.

Each day will be 8 hours, with at least 6.25 hours of teaching time. 


Dates and locations to be advised each year.

If you are interested in attending a course in your area, please contact us to discuss the best possibility available for you.



Interactive Online Course

This course will be held as an interactive, online course consisting all of the 4 Levels, with an option for the 4th level to be attended as an experiential 4 days or a further 10 weeks online.


Each of the 4 Levels is offered as 10x 2 hourly weekly sessions and a monthly personal one on

one session.


All sessions are conducted on Zoom, and recorded video links provided to all students . 

Weekly PDF notes are also provided.


The Foundation and Advanced Online Courses are offered each year. 

Check for dates and times for 2021.