Events 2020

Sunday 12th January
10am - 4.30pm  
pivotal year lies ahead!!
We will explore the planetary cycles and events for 2020, looking at how and where they will be influencing your personal Natal Chart, and considering the challenges and potential they offer for your Souls evolutionary growth during this year.
Astrology 2020

Everton Park, Brisbane

10am - 4.30pm

Refreshments provided

BYO lunch, or cafes nearby.

Natal Chart provided.


Cost: $150.00

Black Moon Lilith Workshop





Black Moon Lilith

Lilith is the Goddess of self, of authenticity and integrity.


Her placement in your Natal Chart reveals the doorway through which the instinctive powerful Goddess energy pours forth into your life in a transformative way.


She is the archetype of the wild,
freedom loving creative feminine within each of us and guides us to reconnect with our instinctive, animal self and inner wisdom.





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