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Certificate in Evolutionary Astrology 

200 hours


The Certificate in Evolutionary Astrology is offered as a 2 year program consisting of a one year Foundation Course followed by a one year Advanced Course.


Each of these courses has 4 levels, (25 hours) with a total 100 hours of teaching.

The Certificate Course is a total of 200 hours teaching, monthly personal sessions, home study and assessments.


These may be taken consecutively or at your own pace, although it is expected that both will be completed within a 3 year period.


One on one personal sessions and mentoring are available throughout the course to support you as you integrate all you are learning.


For those who are not interested in Certification, each of the Levels may be taken individually and within your own timeframe. 


The Academy offers all courses in an experiential format, both face to face and online, and highly encourages group participation and interaction as a valuable part of the learning process.         

All classes are conducted in a safe and caring environment, respecting and supporting your personal needs


Non Certification - On completion of each Module & home study you will receive a certificate of Attendance.


Certification - On completion of all 4 Modules you will receive a Completion of Foundation Course certificate. This is the first level towards the Certificate of Evolutionary Astrology.


On completion of the Advanced level and all requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Evolutionary Astrology.

This is certified byIICT ( International Institue of Complemenatary Therapists)                                                          

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