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Black Moon Lilith

22nd May, 2020
Facilitated by Dorothy Barr




Lilith is the Goddess of self, of authenticity and integrity.

She guides us to explore the hidden, repressed and denied feminine aspects of ourselves and reconnect with our instinctive, animal self and inner wisdom.


She is the archetype of the wild, freedom-loving feminine within each of us.  


She does not bring anything to us, rather she illuminates all that is false, and makes us dissatisfied with the parts of our life that pressure us to deny our needs and beliefs and not express our true individuality.

Her placement in your Natal Chart is the doorway where the powerful Goddess energy
pours forth into your life in a transformative way.


When we are expressing our authentic self, we are less vulnerable to becoming entrapped in
situations which deny and disempower us, which is where Lilith's self-destructive cycle


During this workshop we will look at the Mythology of Lilith and her role throughout the
ages. We will explore her as the Triple Goddess energy and learn how and where her
threefold process of transformation is expressed through your own personal Birth Chart.


Friday evening we will be creating an Altar to dedicate to Lilith and the Goddess, and you
are invited to bring with you any items you choose to place on here as your personal
dedication to her.


Workshop Details
Venue: TBA
Dates: Friday 22nd May
Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th May 9.30am4.30pm
Investment: $395 ($80 non-refundable deposit to secure your place)
Included: Workbook, Natal Chart, Morning & Afternoon Teas,
Goddess Oil and Essence



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