Advanced Course Content

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Course Content

Advanced Course – 100 hours


Level 5

Module 1: Introduction to Life Cycles & Transits

Module 2: Cycles & Transits of Jupiter & Saturn

Module 3: Cycles & Transits of Uranus

Module 4: Cycles & Transits of Neptune & Pluto

Module 5: Chiron, Mars, Venus, Mercury & Sun

Module 6: Cycles of the Lunar Nodes


Level 6

Module 1: Introduction to the Progressions

Module 2: The Progressed Sun

Module 3: The Progressed Moon

Module 4: The 8 Lunar Phases

Module 5: The Progressed Lunar Phase

Module 6: Interpreting Progressions


Level 7

Module 1: Introduction to Secondary Directions

Module 2: Solar & Lunar Eclipses

Module 3: Relationship Synastry

Module 4: Midpoints

Module 5: Solar Arcs

Module 6: The evolving chart, themes and timing.


Level 8

Integration of all modules, developing interpretation skills and chart Interpretation


Assessment - On completion of all 8 Levels there will be a one on one assessment.

This comprises of a 2 hour written examination and a two hour personal session with your Facilitator during which you will be required to offer your interpretation of a Birth Chart and the Transits and Progressions which are currently applying to that chart. 

The details for the chart and questions to be considered will be provided by AEA and you will have 7 days to prepare for your personal assessment session. This will be a recorded session.

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