Advanced Course Content

Course Content

Advanced Course – 100 hours


Level 5

Module 1: Introduction to Life Cycles & Transits

Module 2: Cycles & Transits of Jupiter & Saturn

Module 3: Cycles & Transits of Uranus

Module 4: Cycles & Transits of Neptune & Pluto

Module 5: Chiron, Mars, Venus, Mercury & Sun

Module 6: Cycles of the Lunar Nodes


Level 6

Module 1: Introduction to the Progressions

Module 2: The Progressed Sun

Module 3: The Progressed Moon

Module 4: The 8 Lunar Phases

Module 5: The Progressed Lunar Phase

Module 6: Interpreting Progressions


Level 7

Module 1: Introduction to Secondary Directions

Module 2: Solar & Lunar Eclipses

Module 3: Relationship Synastry

Module 4: Midpoints

Module 5: Solar Arcs

Module 6: The evolving chart, themes and timing.


Level 8

Integration of all modules, developing interpretation skills and chart Interpretation


Assessment - On completion of all 8 Levels there will be a one on one assessment.

This comprises of a 2 hour written examination and a two hour personal session with your Facilitator during which you will be required to offer your interpretation of a Birth Chart and the Transits and Progressions which are currently applying to that chart. 

The details for the chart will be provided by AEA and you will have 7 days to prepare for your personal assessment session. This will be a recorded session.

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