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About Evolutionary Astrology

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"Moving into the North Node and attuning to the karmic purpose brings about a profound change in orientation, a major shift having been made from unconscious response to conscious choice. The Soul no longer feels powerless, at the mercy of external forces.  Awareness brings change, change is empowering and creates new possibilities. The choice to respond to life in accordance with the karmic purpose provides inner fulfillment and a sense of integration and harmony" .....Dane Rudhyar




“Why have you chosen to be here, on this planet, at this time” It is not by accident!!


Evolutionary Astrology is based on the concept of the Soul as an immutable energy, having experienced prior lifetimes, and having chosen to come here now at this time, on this Earth, in this body for a specific reason. 

Evolutionary Astrology can provide you with a valuable key to understanding your Souls story and to discover what you have chosen to experience in this lifetime.


It offers an amazing opportunity to heal the timeline and move forward in your evolutionary journey.


Your Natal Chart is a map of the heavens at the precise moment of your Birth, the blueprint for this lifetime containing all of the information to guide you for this life experience. Your gifts, talents, natural abilities, challenges, things you may need to work on or develop, possibilities and potentials to grow into, and much, much more!!


Your chart is the most powerful tool to self-understanding, self-empowerment, and how to live your life authentically, thereby bringing a greater sense of peace, happiness, harmony and purpose to your life.


Evolutionary Astrology is a powerful and transformative tool offering the quickest and most truthful way to "know yourself".



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